How to be successful on German market?

BUREAU BUNGENBERG arranges your market entry moderated, coached and managed, always customized to your market situation and specific needs - adoption of your products to the specific requirements of the German markets.

We have an experienced competence team for your individual needs! Using the power of our Competence-Team for strategy, market knowledge, expert knowledge, marketing, sales, promotion, packaging design, settlement, market penetration, networking, declaration, skilled personnel, key account, hygiene, graphics, press, loyal advice, interim management, logistics, tax consulting, market data, transfer pricing, sales force, certifications, tasting promotions, POS- support, advertising materials, market enquiry, matchmaking, recruiting, Lobby, scientific support, development of products, political exchange, cooperation, …

BUREAU BUNGENBERG is a unique International food agency to facilitate transnational exchange between producers, commerce, organizations, politics and sciences. We support companies to internationalize their business with a sustainable business development!

BUREAU BUNGENBERG encourages the exchange of knowledge between different food sectors, at national and international level, and provides the practical support for a successful market entry - overall and connecting the line of business. We want you to enter the German market guided and based on a solid strategic concept and we connect companies and trade partners!

BUREAU BUNGENBERG is the competence centre for the German food market. Book consultancy services from our competence team, get a German address for communication with German trade partners - for a sustainable access to the German food market without significant long-term investments